Available Options

Dual motor kit
On/Off or var. speed wireless controler
Chute extension
Side extension

Available Options:

Dual motor kit
On/Off or var. speed wireless controller
Tarp (P185 or P210)

Model P210
(8' bed)

Capacity: 2.1 yards
Overall length: 117"
Overall width: 49"
Overall height: 37"
Hopper length: 102"
Weight (dry): 425 lb

Tel: 1-800-263-2524

1208 York Road, St Davids, ON. L0S1P0

Stainless Steel Spreader​

​Similar in design and function to the Polyurethane Spreader. This spreader features a Pintle drag chain, and either a single electric, or dual electric motors (separate feed/spinner motors for variable speed kits). This spreader is constructed of stainless steel, and has the option of adding a higher side kit for increased capacity, or an extended chute for taller bodied trucks. 

Polyethylene Spreader

The most reliable spreader on the market in its class.
This spreader was created to be easy to operate and to maintain. Its polyethylene construction and its electric drive system offer lightness, durability and reliability.

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Model P185
(7' short bed)

Capacity: 1.85 yard
Overall length: 101"
Overall width: 49""
Overall height: 37"
Hopper length: 86"
Weight (dry): 400 lb